Model building

The Cross

Here, it is described how to make the cross out of plywood. It is designed to learn sawing with a fretsaw and other skills. Since it is not difficult to make, it is suitable for beginners.

It is not allowed to use this document or part of it for commercial purposes. The exception is teachers who may use it at their own classes.

Material and Tools

Preparation of Parts

We cut parts of the cross out of 4 mm thick plywood first. We find patterns of the parts in a file that is pointed at by a link in figure 1. We print the drawing and transfer the patterns to the plywood. A procedure is described in greater detail in the page Transferring Shapes of Parts to Plywood.

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Figure 1: Drawing

In brackets, it is otherwise written, how many parts of certain shape we need. But to make the cross, we need only one part of each pattern.

We cut all parts out of plywood as precisely as possible. We can find some tips to help us sawing in the page Using of a Fretsaw. Then, we drill holes into the body 2 that represent wounds. With drill in hands and feet with a smaller drill bit to make wounds that were made by nails. A bigger drill bit is used to make a wound in chest that was made by a spear. Finally, we sand the parts of cross to remove the cutting marks.


When we cut all the parts out, we start gluing. First, we affix a body 2 on a cross 5. Then, we glue a dress 3 and a crown of thorns 4. A base 1 needs to be affixed to the cross perpendicularly that the cross would stand upright.

Assembling of the cross
Figure 2: Assembling of the cross

Assembly is now complete. We have to sand and paint the cross to finish it.