Za odrasle rokodelce

Für erwachsene Bastler

For grown-up craftsmen

Pri delu včasih naletiš na kakšno zanimivost. Tukaj jih je zbranih nekaj, ki bi se drugače izgubile. Pa naj bodo izgubljene med šaro na medmrežju.

Bei der Arbeit, man trifft interessante Dinge. Ich habe etwas hier gesammelt, die sonst verloren waren. Nun gut, Sie sind jetzt unter den Kram im Internet verloren.

At work, man sometimes meets interesting things. I have collected some that would get lost otherwise. Well, they are lost among internet junk now.


Title Abstract Open
A Design Of Toroidal Choke Article
There can't be many new things with toroidal choke. But still, here are some considerations, how to make an optimal choke (as I imagine it). Funny, I have found a golden cut ratio in it!
Signal Powered Linear Optocoupler Article
A cheap circuit with an optocoupler is described, that enable us to transfer an analog voltage signal across insulation barrier.
CMOS Oscillating Circuits Article
Oscilators are descibed that are made of CMOS gates. To calculate frequency, a java script calculator is added.

Signal Processing

Title Abstract Open
An IIR Filter in an 8-bit Microcontroller Article
How to adapt an IIR filter that it can be implemented in an 8-bit microcontroller efficiently?
Speed and Angle Measurement Article
Rotational speed and angle measurement with IIR filter. A method is suitable for BLDC motors.
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